Concierge service 24/7

There are 8 concierges, in two teams of two, who work either a day shift or a night shift with 7 am and 7 pm the change over times.. Currently there are always two staff present on duty to ensure that the front door is always manned in the event that one of the staff is required to leave the desk to solve issues elsewhere in the building. This gives the building an extra level of security not seen in most comparable flats who often only employ only one night porter.

During the day the Conciege staff are engaged in a range of concierge services whilst at night their focus is on building security.

Their Concierge services include arranging laundry and dry cleaning, rubbish collection a list of taxi numbers and details of reliable contractors that the management company can recommend to residents interested in undertaking works in their apartment

Management of the Perspective Building

Unlike many blocks of flats in London The Perspective Building freehold was purchased in 2011 by its residents from its landlord the property firm Mount City. The management board is staffed by residents committed to getting the best quality service and value for money for leaseholders. 119 residents currently have a share in the freehold and by purchasing this they no longer have to pay ground rent.

Residents who did not purchase their freehold and remain leaseholders have their lease granted by the Perspective freehold company. They can choose to purchase their freehold if they wish by contacting the chairman of the company David Jones by email on or by writing to

Current Board Members are:

David Jones – Chairman

Steffan Steiner

Dawn Lindsay